A Magical Prediction - Heilybell's Tale
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- From : Haisyl Kingston

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Silene Tomentosa

Silene Tomentosa The next morning Heilybell stumbled along, not too used to getting around on foot, to a known fairy pub. For much of the day, she ate her feelings and drank away her problems. She didn't know how to handle failure after all, and the wing stubs on her back had to be the biggest mistake of all. It was somewhere in the middle of her fifth fairy-whiskey that one of the fairy queen advisors found her. Taking Heilybell under his wing (pun intended) he flew her to the royal medical ward where her burned wings were mended, her oncoming hangover treated, and her emotions uplifted with the fact that this happened all the time. Afterward, Heilybell happily returned to her duties, never abused fairy-whiskey again, and lived happily ever after! (Amazing article Valdemere! I love this interactive idea!!)

Opal Frostheart

Opal Frostheart Wonderful article! I believe the fairy's wings stopped burning as she fell to the snow of Arendelle, and that a passerby chose to help her hoping she would grant them a wish. However, because they were not pure of intention, she could not do so.

Wyatt Clyde

Wyatt Clyde I believe all the children in the world while sleeping started speaking out whilst asleep saying "I do believe in fairy's, I do , I do, I do believe in fairy's I do, I do as if enough people in the world believe, some say it can heal a fairy.

EunYoung Ki

EunYoung Ki I believe someone finally heard her cries or stumbled upon her. Immediately, saw a wounded fairy and to be a good citizen, they pick her up and take her to their place to mend her wings. That's my prediction.

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