Magical Objects - The Dark One's Dagger
WoFT is full of magical objects, and to learn all about them we introduce to you, a new series called Magical Objects! We'll start with the Dark One's Dagger!

- From : Haisyl Kingston

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Evelina Lavelle

Evelina Lavelle Lovely interview! great job Pearl and Magnus! <3

Olivia Woodworth

Olivia Woodworth Loved it! I can't wait to read about the next magical object!

Silene Tomentosa

Silene Tomentosa Wonderful interview! Great job!

Caspian Storm

Caspian Storm Great article!!

Fitzgerald Kensington

Fitzgerald Kensington A wonderful glimpse into the life of the dark one. Thanks for this!

Gwendale Ørkenrose

Gwendale Ørkenrose A fine interview! ♡

Banished resident

Banished resident Wow Pearl. You are a great writer. ^^

Sanha Feehan

Sanha Feehan This is really interesting... Great article, Pearl!

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