Mythical Creatures #008: Troll
Don't you think Trolls deserve to be introduced as well?

- From : Irene Bathurst

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Graham Brown

Graham Brown *coughs* Hello.... I'm still here you know Cumberbatch. Keep it down will ya? Last I checked I have no troll-symptoms thank you very much!

Eowyn Roselynn

Eowyn Roselynn Ah troll? Fay... Oh no! I am sorry you are a beautiful fairy twinnie! Hihi Pssst don't say that I said that! I just sorta called myself one too... Oh!

Isabelle Solace

Isabelle Solace Oh snort graham will surely say his version of troll is you XD

Arthur Cumberbatch

Arthur Cumberbatch Trolls sound an awful lot like Graham... Is there way to test if someone is part troll?

Felicy Dubois

Felicy Dubois TROLL IN THE DUNGEON? Wait, wrong fandom?

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