Mythical Creatures | #17
Irene is here to tell you stories about the mythical creatures we know and don't! I wonder which one is it this time...

- From : Deleted resident

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Melody GryxGreen

Melody GryxGreen This is the first article I've read since I got here. So I think it's a very good and interesting blog. On the question of what he would do with the Golem's. I think I would do like Elsa from Frozen; Use them as defense and protection, and not only for me, but also for the people I care about around me.

Lilliana Havenmore

Lilliana Havenmore Ooh, that would be a very interesting question! I would probably use them as a source to do something fun, or use them to help get my work done. Maybe they can even taste test my batches of cookies that I bake!

Theodore Gallant

Theodore Gallant Interesting article! It reminds me of a story I read about a girl with dough magic who commanded an army of bread golems and gingerbread men (A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking). If I had some gingerbread golems, maybe I would ask them to stand on top of each other to reach the books on the high shelves in the library. They could also be good for retrieving things in tight spaces, like the key I dropped between the floorboards the other day.

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