Guess The Character! - Issue nr. 2
Test your Once Upon A Time knowledge with another, Guess The Character!

- From : Haisyl Kingston

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Elizabeth Hofferson

Elizabeth Hofferson Rumplestiltskin

Evelina Lavelle

Evelina Lavelle Oh! I know who it is! and it does indeed start with an R.. lovely article Alena <3

Penelope Keenvale

Penelope Keenvale Rumpelstiltskin! It's a super nice article Alena

Olivia Woodworth

Olivia Woodworth Oh. Yes, Maddie. His name does start with an R... But what follows it? Search the Realms, high and low, to learn of who it was. <3 :D

nick brown

nick brown I know it

Maddie Mitchell

Maddie Mitchell Yes yes I know! It starts with an R!

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