Mythical Creatures #014: Tanuki
They are nocturnal, but they are also active during the day. Eh?

- From : Irene Bathurst

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Banished resident

Banished resident Lovely article! I think when a Tanuki will see me, it might change into a dog to ran away from my scream...

Arielle Ceallaigh

Arielle Ceallaigh What shape? Well, I suppose it would depend on it's mood, wouldn't it? If it was trying to be scary, probably something big and terrifying. If it wanted to play, it might keep it's shape or change into something like a dog or a fox. I would wish for it to change into a frog.

Arthur Cumberbatch

Arthur Cumberbatch Ive never heard of this! A raccoon dog?! xD I almost want one.

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