Mythical Creatures #013: Phoenix
When it's on fire, then it's time.

- From : Irene Bathurst

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Arielle Ceallaigh

Arielle Ceallaigh I think that the Phoenix, while in the ashes, has a period of rest where it's like... well hibernation, really. Perhaps when the Phoenix comes back, it's really just waking up... Is there a particular time when Phoenix's burn? I wonder if the Phoenix ever wishes for eternal rest instead of being reborn... And I wonder how long they live? What's their expected life rate?

Felicy Dubois

Felicy Dubois I am not sure what happens to a phoenix in these few seconds. Maybe he has a choice whether or not they wish to come back again?

Elinsia Wolfe

Elinsia Wolfe Ohh Such amazing creatures! I think a Phoenix when is in the ashes they act like an incubator where the small fire spiths give it power and reborns

Zephyra Nephus

Zephyra Nephus OMG i love Phoenixes they truly are one of the best creatures if you ask me

Karry Larson

Karry Larson A Phoenix is such a cool creature. I’m not entirely sure what would happen to it in the ashes though. Perhaps the ashes start to bond together until the baby Phoenix is formed

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