A Magical Prediction - Just A Kiss?
Let's twist up some oddly familiar stories... Can you make a better ending to the story? Make a prediction!

- From : Haisyl Kingston

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Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson My theory is that when the prince turned into the frog the evil witch did a spell to put him in the forest. And while he was there the witch turned herself into a young princess. She then did the same spell and moved herself to the same realm as he was in. She went up to the frog. The frog was so happy that he found someone as fair as “she” and made his request. She then turned into the witch and slowly killed the frog. But as soon as she killed the frog she turned back into a Princess. She snapped her fingers and laughed just thinking it was a default. She didn’t turn back. She was okay with it since her cottage was near. So she carried the frog home and had roasted frog legs. Thanks for reading!

Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson Okay my theory is long so hang in there!

Benji Castwell

Benji Castwell Ooo!

Danny Richards

Danny Richards This looks like fun :D

Charlotte Nightslayer

Charlotte Nightslayer What an amazing idea!

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