Meet The Staff: Ariana Beaumont
The Communications Team starts a new set of interviews with the staff! Who would be the first...?

- From : Irene Bathurst

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Olivia Woodworth

Olivia Woodworth Oh, don't forget all the wine in this secluded castle, where you'll have to fend for yourself for your daily needs, like food. :') Most of what you do as Queen is yelling... <3 :')

Tristan Livingstone

Tristan Livingstone Don't forget to add the pretty rainbows to your new castle, your highness. I honestly can't imagine any other queen, 2 years straight (not counting the pre launch site) I've worked with you and it's always been a blast!

Morgaine Pheredel

Morgaine Pheredel Ooh, so interesting to learn more about our Queen!

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