Magical Objects - Enchanted Cloak
WoFT is full of magical objects, and we want to learn all about them in this series, Magical Objects! We'll learn about an Enchanted Cloak today, with the powers to turn wolf into man!

- From : Haisyl Kingston

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Silene Tomentosa

Silene Tomentosa Great interview!! This was so informative!

Opal Frostheart

Opal Frostheart Amazing article Pearl! Red's cloak always was one of my favourite objects in the show because of all the different messages it portrayed. A lovely interview, too, very informative. Keep up the wonderful work!

Evelina Lavelle

Evelina Lavelle Wonderful article Pearl! <3

Selene Cavalieri

Selene Cavalieri Great article Pearl! Makes me wonder a lot! XD

Luna Beauvallet

Luna Beauvallet Great job on the article, Pearl!

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